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Sexy and kinky Thai shemale in black stockings

Hello Ladyboy lovers!

How’s a nice little Mint sound? I hope it sounds tasty, because Ladyboy Mint, from Long Mint, is our Asian shemale goddess for today. As I’m sure you’ve probably noticed, I’m quite the fan of Ms. Mint’s, but in my humble opinion, there’s no reason not to be a fan! This Ladyboy really packs it all, from her firm shemale body right down to that massive tranny cock of hers. Speaking of her tranny cock, it truly is quite the big one, measuring in a 9 entire inches! I think that’s part of what draws me so much to Mint, I just crave that massive tranny cock of hers deep in my willing ass. But enough about me, lets talk about what Mint has in store for us today. She’s got on a tight little red latex dress along with some hot black stockings, which together make for one bombshell of a shemale! Lets not waste any more time, lets get to the pictures!


Mmm, Mint starts off with a quick tease. Nothing like jumping right into the action, eh? I can’t wait to see the ass she is hiding in this next shot.


Wow! Didn’t expect this next one! Mint takes her dress off in a flash and climbs up onto the dresser behind her. Ladyboy Mint may not have a stripper pole, but she gives us one hell of a nice view of her tranny cock with just a normal piece of furniture.


Teasing aside, Mint assumes the “position” that we all know and love 😉 . You guessed it, its jack off time!


Alas, all good things must come to an end, that’s all for today people. However, the fun never stops over at Long Mint!