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Blonde tranny stretches open a straight male ass


Today’s shemale fix, is the tale of a typical soft core transexual photo gone hardcore. When, the photographer signed up to take some standard nude pictures of a tranny, he made a big mistake when he didn’t recognize the name of Carmen Cruz. Yes, you guessed it, the infamous Carmen Cruz of that hardcore shemale BDSM site, cheap jordan <a Cheap china Jerseys href=”http://www.kinklinksconnection.com/galleries/2009/05/2750-sexy-fat-babe-eating-candy/index.php” onclick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘outbound-article’, ‘http://www.kinklinksconnection.com/galleries/2009/05/2750-sexy-fat-babe-eating-candy/index.php’, ‘TS Seduction’]);” target=”_blank”>TS Seduction. Well, poor стандартный Mr. Photographer ends up paying big for his mistake. Because while things start off normal, Ms. Cruz quickly ray bans sale takes matters into her own hands and turns this boring soft core shoot into something very hardcore indeed. Like Ms. Cruz is known for, she immediately takes action, ripping the camera from his hands and beginning to jack him off. The act works just as well as it always does, the pool fool thinks he’s getting lucky!

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In a surprising act of benevolence, tranny domme Carmen Cruz actually gives his cock the pleasure of being caressed by her tongue.


Now things are getting interesting! Ms. Cruz quickly turns the tables and soon its the now seduced photographer who is sucking her big throbbing tranny cock.


This is one lesson the photographer will never forget! Always recognize the name of a legendary transexual dominatrix otherwise you’ll end up getting slam fucked in the ass!


I have to admit, when I originally found this set, oakley outlet I was a little skeptical of Carmen Cruz as a softcore act. However, I was quite surprised by how quickly she managed to turn that around! 😉