Sexy Ladyboy Roundup! GRAND FINALE!

Hello Everyone!!

Today is a bittersweet day here at the Tranny Seductions Blog, because today the last volume of the official Ladyboy Roundup (courtesy of that rocking shemale site AsianTS, however, this means that today is also the grand finale! This is one heck of a post, because not only is this Roundup the best yet, it also features more Ladyboys in one post than have EVER been featured in a single post here at the Blog. That’s right, we are officially breaking a blog record and you, faithful blog readers, have front row seats! Before I get into the details of the final roundup, I invite you to check out the first 12 roundups via the links below. If you are new to the blog or the roundups, or you just want to review them all before checking out the finale, then these links are for you! Check em’ out! 😉

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There you go, the entire Sexy Ladyboy Roundup series in one convenient location!

Now! For the big show!

Today, marks the end of the roundup series here at the blog, which, to date has gotten the most positive feedback of anything we have done! Introducing videos to the blog was close, but in the end, the roundups reign supreme with you all! Now, you may wonder why I would end something that has been met with such positive feedback. Well, the reason is that I don’t want to “wear-out” the idea, because who knows, we may just have another roundup in the future 😉 . However, because it was so popular, I vowed to make the final volume of the roundup one that would be worth checking over many times! So, having said that, let me fill you in on a couple special things about this round. Firstly, you’ll notice that we have no solo Asian shemales this time around. No sir, we’ve got Ladyboy couples! And not only that, these pictures are hardcore! There’s more, for the first time ever on the blog, we are featuring 10, yes 10, sexy transexuals in one post! So you got it, we have 5 photos this time around, which is more than I even expected!!! So, without any further delay, I present to you 5 handpicked Ladyboy lesbian photos and the grand finale of the Tranny Seductions Blog’s Sexy Ladboy Roundup (courtesy of AsianTS)! Enjoy! 😀

Ladyboys June and Wan:


Ladyboys Jen and Tangmo:


Ladyboys Pear and Pang:


Ladyboys Jenny and Nat:


Ladyboys Kang and At:


So, there you have it, the grand finalists of the Ladyboy Roundup! What did you all think of these hot Asian transexual babes from AsianTS? Remember, links to ALL the previous roundups are at the top of the post, so there’s still a lot of fun left to be had! Until next time, keeping on jacking off to shemales, I know I will! 😉

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