Sexy Ladyboy Roundup! (Roundup 3)

Hey All!

I’ve got another Ladyboy Roundup for you as promised! I’ve been getting some really good feedback on these, so definitely leave a comment to let me know how you like the girls in each roundup! As usual, I’ve got some fine picks over from at the AsianTS archives. I spent even more time for this roundup after the success of the first two, so keep in mind that these fine tranny babes have been handpicked by yours truly! 😉 Today I mixed it up a little bit with two different “style” of Ladyboy, I guess you could say. But true shemale fans will notice that right away in the pictures, so I won’t waste your time describing them in boring old text. Lets get to today’s selection!

Ladyboy Rita:


Ladyboy Amy:


Ladyboy Icey (Who is far from cold!):


Last but not least, Ladyboy Cheer:


There’s your Ladyboy Roundup for today folks! Hope you enjoyed your hand-picked crop of exotic Asian shemales this time around! Keep checking back as I will be releasing another roundup after finding more suitable transexual goddesses for you all!

Roundup 1
Roundup 2

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