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Straight Chick sucking Shemale Dick!

Hello shemale fans!

Since I first started featuring the hardcore tranny-on-female fucking from Females on Shemales I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about it. I have to agree, they certainly cater a slightly more niche tranny taste, which of course makes them all the more memorable. It also helps that they so frequently put out high quality shemale fucking female porn that can really help to get a tranny lover off! 😉 Today’s set features a couple of their babes, one with dick, one without, that keep up this expected level of quality transexual porn. These two sluts simply can’t get enough of each other and we’ve got front row sets to the tranny fucking action about to commence!

Gyslene Rodrigues and Lully Martins are two horny babes that love to fuck each other. The only difference between the two of these hotties is that Gyslene is packing a big hard shemale cock. Lully has no problem with this though, in fact, she’s pretty much obsessed with it, because she loves to way it fills up her entire tight pussy. As you’ll soon see, these two babes simply cannot resist each other in the nude. Not only does Lully more than willingly suck her tranny partners hardening cock until its ribe and throbbing, she begs her to slam her wet pussy. Being the generous and sexy transgender babe she is, Gyslene Rodrigues is more than happy to oblige:

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