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Redhead t-girl mistress proving her skills

I’m sure by now most of you tranny lovers out there have came across that classic (and still hot!) scenario of the sexy shemale prison guard taking advantage of the newest male prisoner. Now, I’m a big fan of these hot sets, I’ve even featured them right here on the tranny seductions blog (check one out right here). But today, I’ve got something a little different lined up for you all. Its like I always say, keeping things mixed up, keeps em’ hot! So, I’d like to introduce Miss Lillie, a fine shemale from over at Foxy Angel Shemale Goddess. Lillie was a very bad and naughty girl and got herself thrown into jail for the night. But Lillie wasn’t content just sitting around in her jail cell, so when the prison guard came in for her inspection, she pounced on him, taking him off guard. Lillie was horny and she intended to satisfy her sexual tranny desires…


Before he knows what hit him, Lillie has the prisoner guard stripped and is forcing her tranny cock into his mouth and down his throat!


The guard tries to break free from his new found shemale domme, so Lillie punishes him by plunging her big tranny cock deep into his virgin ass.


Finally, after a good long shemale fucking. Lillie prepares to blow her hot tranny cum all over the guard’s face. Too bad for him he’s too exhausted to even try to get away!


This makes me wonder.. I wonder if there’s any all-shemale prisons who need a guard? I think I might be interested 😉