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Night shift tranny Nurse gets naughty

Hello my fellow lovers of all things shemale BDSM,

Phil here, back with more tales from the kinky side of transexual porn, this time around bringing you some quality footage from over at TS Seduction. Like all their sets, this one features a mind-blowingly hot transgender dominatrix who just loves to get a little hardcore with her unsuspecting and helpless malebitch. The two players in today’s high-stakes game of tranny BDSM are Johanna B, a seductive and kinky shemale nurse, and Antho a weak and helpless hospital patient. Unfortunately for Antho, he was admitteded in the middle of the night, which is when this deviant transexual femdom is on the prowl. After being admited, Antho lies there, bound by hospital restraints, helpless. The evening nurse, our tranny mistress, makes her rounds night until soon it’s only the two of the them on the floor. Johanna has being evaluating her patient for hours, tempted by his tight body and soft lips. Our tranny dominatrix gives into her dark sexual desires and takes him first with her shemale cock in his mouth. Since Johanna is respected nurse – no one will believe him if he talks about this night visit and so she takes full advantage of him with her t-girlcock, electricity and ass fucking. This is one tranny hospital from Hell!

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