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Militaristic Shemale Femdom

Attention Cadets!

We’ve got an extremely strict and official shemale femdom lined out for you all today, her name is Foxy and she’ll be getting her newest male slave, Jack Hammer, in line. Foxy is one of the firm and brutal tranny dominatrices from TS Seduction, a hardcore tranny BDSM site known for its wicked shemale sex scenes. Foxy, definitely lets us know who is in charge this time around. Heck, we don’t even need to know that she is a shemale dominatrix to tell who is boss! One look at these pictures and you can tell that this is one ebony shemale who doesn’t take any shit, especially not from some young punk like Jack. Like any good tranny femdom, Foxy forces Jack to humiliate himself before getting down and dirty.


Foxy then does something a little unexpected, but definitely good, she bends Jack over like the malebitch he is and spanks his ass for his insubordination.


Now that Jack’s been punished, shemale femdom Foxy forces him to give her some pleasure. This time in the form of a rough and deep blowjob.


Now Foxy is truly earning her stripes, she bends Jack over the desk again, but this time, rather than spank his ass, she fucks it tranny style!


Mmm, I love a good tranny femdom. Foxy pulls off the military guise well, I’d definitely follow her every order, no matter how naughty it may be 😉 !