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Tranny Dominatrix Foxy abusing Lobo

Hey all you shemale femdom lovers out there!

Today I’ve got another video treat for you all from TS Seduction, this time around we’re featuring that hot ebony shemale femdom Foxy. Foxy’s malebitch in this hardcore tranny video, is Lobo and boy, does Foxy really put the hurt on this poor male slave. Of course, that’s exactly what we would expect from any good transexual dominatrix, especially one as sultry and experienced as Foxy. You can definitely tell that Foxy knows exactly what she is doing in this video, its a prime example of just what an unforgiving tranny domme should be like. Unfortunately for Lobo, this is all very bad news for him, because it means he won’t be getting off easy. However, as always, whats bad news for the malebitch, is good news for us, because it means that we’ve got a quality video on our hands 😉 ! So, I’m going to stop jabbering and let all you horny shemale lovers out there get your fill of this amazingly hot ebony shemale femdom!

Like all videos from TS Seduction, this one has left me extremely hot and horny, I may just have to watch it again to take care of that problem 😉 What do you guys think of Foxy in this video?