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Two horny trannies bind their malebitch

Hello shemale fans!

I’ve got some quality content from Shemale Sandwich to share with you all for today. This time around though, things a little bit more kinky than you may be used to seeing from that site. In my opinion, this is definitely a good thing, especially when you consider that the two tranny babes Camilli Rios and Duda Little are behind the action. In fact, I think this might be the first BDSM themed scene that I’ve seen TS Camilli Rios in, so I’m sure we’re in for a wild ride. I hope your cock is ready for a little bit of shemale BDSM!

Of course, the person who had better definitely be sure their cock is ready, is the malebitch in this scene, Douglas. He’s used to roles at Shemale Sandwich where, at the very least, he is the one doing the fucking. He was actually told that this was going to be a straight up shemale porn shoot, but when he got their, these two sexy t-girl dominatrices-to-be got the best of him! Not only do they fuck his virgin ass with their throbbing transsexual cocks, they lock him up and proceed to mercilessly fuck his pretty-boy face! 😀

See this whole set at Shemale Sandwich!

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See two blazing hot shemales get nasty
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