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Hardcore T-Girl Domination

Welcome back tranny fans!

As you know, we’ve lately been expanding some of our horizons here on the Tranny Seductions Blog. This is essentially means that you all get even more exposure to the most seductive trannies on the net all in one place! As part of this expansion, we started featuring sexy shemale babes being completely dominated, which was a change from your standard t-girl BDSM! The response on this has been amazing, so I’ve decided to give you all a previously unplanned post of hardcore shemale domination. This post features even more exclusive content of that hot tranny Bruna Rodrigues from Tranny Edge being totally schooled by not one, but two brutal male doms. Needless to say, this set is a defining example of how hardcore tranny domination porn can really be!

Bruna Rodrigues is used to being the one in charge as a fierce tranny femdom, however, even the mighty may fall! These two disgruntled former malebitches are fighting back against their once mistress. They aren’t just interested in humiliating this shemale dominatrix, they want to fuck her hard, just like she fucked them! After capturing their transexual slave they force her to a secluded location and begin their revenge. These two masters tightly bind the helpess tranny in rope and begin to strip her tight latex outfit off. After they’ve got her nude, they play with her hard shemale cock for a little while, before growing bored and deciding to fuck her. When the fucking begins, its deep and hard, as they pound her tranny ass over and over!

See this whole set at Tranny Edge!

Tranny Edge 1 Tranny Edge 15
Tranny Edge 7 Tranny Edge 8
Tranny Edge 13 Tranny Edge 4
Tranny Edge 9 Tranny Edge 5
Tranny Edge 14 Tranny Edge 15
Tranny Edge 8 Tranny Edge 15
Tranny Edge 8
Tranny Edge 8  

Come inside and watch sexy shemales get totally dominated
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