Sultry black transsexual mistress

Hello fellow shemale femdom lovers!

How’s everyone doing today? Good I hope! If you’re not having the best of days, don’t fret too much, Phil is here to help you out. Well, *I* can’t really do too much, but I happen to know someone who will help turn even the worst of days around. Her name is Nyobi Khan and she is a hot and sexy ebony shemale femdom, coming straight from the shemale domme collection over at TS Seduction. As with most shemale femdoms, Nyobi doesn’t work alone, and the little malebitch she is using for her pleasure is Johnny Rocket. But as we all know, who the male sex slave is doesn’t really matter, its all about what our hot tranny hostess does with him that counts! So, based on how fast Nyobi manages to bend him to her will, it looks like we are in for one heck of a show! Before Johnny knows what hit him, Nyobi has already got him down and subdued.


After breaking Johnny down, hot Nyobi grabs the back of his head and forces him to suck her big tranny cock.


Nyobi, not wasting any time, bends Johnny over after he starts to gag on her cock, and begins to bound his tight ass tranny femdom style.


Looks like Johnny’s moans and pleading were getting a bit too annoying for Nyobi Khan, because not only does she start to fuck Johnny harder, she binds his mouth shut. Poor Johnny, no one can hear him scream now.


Nothing like a good ole’ tranny-malebitch rape scene to turn the day around! If you like brutal shemale dommes like Nyobi Khan, then you really should check out TS Seduction.

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