Ladyboy Mint in black lace stockings

Hey everyone,

First off, who doesn’t like a red hot and tight corset pressing against a babe’s firm body and causing her tits to look so full figured and beautiful. Now, take that image, but change the ordinary chick out for a sultry hot ladyboy. In this case, we’ve got the one and only Ladyboy Mint, coming straight from Long Mint. Ladyboy Mint looks even more sexy in her corset than she normally does, something I honestly didn’t even believe was possible. But one thing this tranny is good at doing, is pushing the boundaries of what we know as “hot.” Just the way the corset contours to her body is fucking hot, it makes me yearn to have her massive ladyboy cock inside me even more. Take a look for yourself at this petite ladyboy babe in her red corset.


Ladyboy Mint then gets on her bed, showing off her stockings and more importantly giving us an awesome angle of her big tranny tits


As much as we all love the corset, all good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean something better can’t come along!


After stroking her massive shemale cock for awhile, Mint decides she wants a little more and shoves a dildo in her ass


If Ladyboy Mint isn’t a shining example of a ridiculously hot shemale babe, then I have no idea who is. If this shoot got you going, you have no idea what you are missing over at Long Mint. The sets over there are absolutely mind blowing and I freaking love that site!

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