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For those of you out there that like to see a big black man turned into a little bitch by a tranny, this set is going to be completely awesome! For the rest of you shemale addicts, I’m sure you’ll be plenty pleased with this t-girl porn set, even if you don’t have that particular fetish 😉 . Today’s little round of transgender porn comes from Shemale Sandwich and features the two buxom tranny babes Emanuelle Rios and Mariany Ribeiro.

These two kinky tranny sluts have gotten their hands on Paulo, a straight man who lives in their neighborhood with a strong curiosity for shemales. The thing that poor Paulo doesn’t realize is that our shemale sex vixens have also got their hands on a massive dildo and they are extremely anxious to try it out on their newest boy toy. So while Paulo has ventured over to TS Emanuelle and Mariany’s apartment for a little bit of fun, he doesn’t realize that these two shemales have entirely different plans for him!

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