Fine example of a gorgeous redhead Ladyboy!

Hello kathoey fans!

This time around we’re back in the far East, ready to once again indulge ourselves in the exotic luxuries of an extremely sexy Asian transexual. Since I’m such an avid fan of redhead shemales and a good number of you seem to share this t-girl fetish, I decided that we’d feature a redhead Ladyboy. While redhead Asian trannies aren’t necessarily uncommon, they certainly aren’t as easy to find at the black-haired variety of exotic transgender. However, look and you shall find, is the motto of the Tranny Seductions Blog and sure enough, a quick search over at that t-girl mega site Ladyboy-Ladyboy lead me straight to the doorstep of a one TS Monica.

Now Ladyboy-Ladyboy prides themselves on featuring on the sexiest kathoeys around, if that wasn’t obvious by the title of their website! Monica, our fiery redhead transexual goddess from the far East, is certainly no exception to this rule. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a hard time keeping your hand from immediately running to your pants, because this is one sexy Ladyboy you just *have* to jack off to! 😉 Of course, you really shouldn’t resist your desires, especially considering that Ladyboy Monica has a pair of big perky tranny tits that you could just lose yourself in. Even though like most kathoeys this shemale is fairly petite, the t-girl cock she is packing is anything but small! I think I’ve done enough rambling for now, check out this extremely hot tranny for yourselves.

See this whole set at Ladyboy-Ladyboy!

Ladyboy-Ladyboy 12 Ladyboy-Ladyboy 14
Ladyboy-Ladyboy 3
Ladyboy-Ladyboy 6 Ladyboy-Ladyboy 9
Ladyboy-Ladyboy 6 Ladyboy-Ladyboy 13
Ladyboy-Ladyboy 7 Ladyboy-Ladyboy 7
Ladyboy-Ladyboy 12 Ladyboy-Ladyboy 13
Ladyboy-Ladyboy 6 Ladyboy-Ladyboy 10
Ladyboy-Ladyboy 3  

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