Hardcore Transgender Three-Way

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What happens when you take two extremely hot trannies, get them nice and horny, strip them down, then throw some lucky dude into the mix? Well, though I’ve never been lucky enough to be said dude, I have a feeling that the results would probably be fairly close to this hot piece of shemale porn that I have for you today. This set features the extremely sexy tranny vixens of both Thays Schiavinato and Carla Novaes. With two trannies as skilled as these two in one feature, you know that this set from Shemale Sandwich is guaranteed to be extremely hot.

I’m not exactly sure who the lucky fellow is that managed to get himself into a threesome with these two mind-blowingly hot transexual goddesses. However, I can tell you that I am extremely jealous of him, as not only does he get his cock sucked by the trannies, he gets to suck their hard shemale cocks as well. If that wasn’t enough, this tranny three-way quickly escalates into the realm of hardcore tranny porn as the t-girl style ass-fucking begins. There’s so much hot shemale fucking going on in this set, that its hard to tell one person ends and another begins. In other words, this is one tranny porn set that I just couldn’t allow all you fine tranny lovers out there to miss!

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