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Well, as the regulars among you will know, I have the hots for redhead trannies, though I’m not exactly sure what it is about them that gets me so hot and horny. I guess I’ve always just been a fan of red hair on sexy sluts and when they just happen to be gorgeous transexual sluts, I go crazy! So, if you hadn’t guessed by now, today’s post features a very sexy redhead shemale. This is one redhead tranny that we’ve yet to come across in our travels across the t-girl net, so get ready for a couple of surprises! This punk little tranny goes by the name of Devon Delirium and she can normally be found hanging out amongst the tranny ranks of Shemale Yum. Though Devon normally likes to spend her time fucking (like all horny shemales), she was generous enough to give us our own little strip tease! 😉

TS Devon starts off the set in a very colorful but cute leopard skin dress, complete with a tiny black skirt and sexy high-heels. Like all trannies in a skirt, Devon seems just as anxious to take it off, as we are to see her take it off. Well, I’m going to let you know something about this set, our tranny doesn’t actually take her skirt off! Now, before you close the page and give up on me, just take a second to hear me out. This sexy redhead shemale may not take her skirt off, but she most certainly does hike it up and pull the panties down. The end result is the same, we’re presented with a hard throbbing tranny cock that one can easily jack off too!

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