Japanese Ladyboy takes off her jeans and panties

Hey all you tranny lovers out there!

Lately, there’s been a little bit of a lack in the Ladyboy department here on the Tranny Seductions Blog. I know that this is a pretty serious issue, especially for those of you who so dearly love your Asian trannies (and who doesn’t)! So, I’ve taken it upon myself to make it up to you with a previously unscheduled post. Not only have I decided to feature a sexy Asian tranny for you all, I’ve decided to go even farther east and get a sexy shemale from Japan! Obviously, I went to my friends over at Shemale Japan for a little help in my search, as finding hot Japanese transexuals can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, they were able to help us out quite nicely by providing us with some content featuring one of their newest tranny babes, Hinako!

This cute little Ladyboy has everything that we love to see in our Asian shemales, especially those coming from island of Japan! Hinako is definitely petite and her red hair and perky tits seem to fit her so nicely. I was actually a little bit surprised by the size of this tranny’s succulent tits, as normally petite Ladyboys have tendencies to have tits on the smaller side. However, they weren’t so big that they detracted from the Asian transgender experience that she offered, they were, in fact, just right! Now, in regards to Hinako’s cock, I can assure you that you will not be disapointed. I think this Asian tranny perfectly fits the adage “Big things come in small packages”! But I’ll let you determine just what I mean by that for yourselves:

See this whole set at Shemale Japan!

Shemale Japan 10 Shemale Japan 10
Shemale Japan 1 Shemale Japan 3
Shemale Japan 9 Shemale Japan 10
Shemale Japan 6 Shemale Japan 2
Shemale Japan 15 Shemale Japan 15
Shemale Japan 6
Shemale Japan 15 Shemale Japan 6
Shemale Japan 5  

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  1. Very good writing. I am glad your posting that. I hope you can accept my apology for my less good English Skills, I am from France and English is sort of new to me. I will bookmark your blog and keep reading.

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