TS Gia Darling getting nasty in a hotel room

Hey shemale BDSM fans!

Gia Darling, infamous transexual dominatrix from TS Seduction returns to the blog for another bout of harcore shemale BDSM! Since Gia Darling’s name is in the post title, you can pretty much guarantee that this is going to be set you aren’t going to want to miss! This set is actually some quality material that I dug up from the TS Seduction archives just for you all to enjoy! When it comes to shemale porn, it really is hard to beat the classics, this set is a prime example.

Our unforgiving shemale mistress lures her unsuspecting malebitch back to her hotel room for a little bit of tranny “fun” after a wild party. Like most of the guys before him, he probably thought he was just going to get an easy fuck. Well, like all shemale femdoms, Ms. Darling makes him work for his pleasure, if he even gets any! Gia breaks out the rope she keeps stashed away in case she needs it (a shemale domme always comes prepared!) and binds her malebitch. Hell, this set even features a tranny footjob! Check it out:

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TS Seduction13 TS Seduction14
TS Seduction10 TS Seduction9
TS Seduction14 TS Seduction15
TS Seduction4 TS Seduction4
TS Seduction12 TS Seduction14
TS Seduction7 TS Seduction4
TS Seduction3 TS Seduction15
TS Seduction4  

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