TS Angel Star bound and fucked

Hello tranny addicts!

As any of you who are regular readers of the Tranny Seductions Blog will know, I’ve really been trying to find and push out a lot of awesome tranny porn for you all lately. While I can’t guarantee that I’ll always be able to provide as much quality shemale content as I have lately, I can gaurantee that getting you the transexual porn you crave is always high on my priority list! I wouldn’t be much of a tranny lover myself if I allowed you to expect anything less of me. 😉 However, even avid shemale fanatic such as myself can make mistakes from time to time and I am here today to correct one of my shemale-related mishaps. Awhile back we saw the beautiful tranny submissive Angel Star from Tranny Edge getting dominated. Well, many of you had requested more content from that set, and I had completely forgot to try to obtain it for you. However, today’s post should more than make up for that! 🙂

Angel Star is s sexy shemale submissive who has just been captured by a master who doesn’t much care for her pleading and whining. While he had only planned to fuck her at first, the hot blonde tranny must have got on his nerves because he decided that simply fucking this t-girl bitch wasn’t going to be good enough. He ties her up in rope, binding her tightly to a chair then proceeds to not only beat a little sense into her, but force her to suck his hard cock. After being satisfied with the motion of her warm, wet, tranny lips on his shaft, he then decides to bend TS Angel Star over and fuck her hard. Try as this transgender slut might to resist, her dom is able to force his big cock into her tight tranny ass over and over!

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