New Ladyboy for you to love!

Hey peoples!

Its a new day, so that means its time for another post on the Tranny Seductions Blog. This time, a new day also means both a brand new exotic shemale and a brand new site to see her on! The newest find on my search across the net for the most high quality transexual sites, is Ladyboy-Ladyboy an awesome site devoted to those hot Asian shemales we all love. If the name wasn’t enough to give it away, this site is just as obsessed with these exotic transexuals as we are! I guess they love their Ladyboys so much, that they just had to put the word “Ladyboy” in their name twice! 😀 Whatever works, I always say, especially when it comes to delivering the hottest exotic transgender sluts one can find. So, who’s going to be the premier girl from this new site here on the blog? Well, her name is Toon and she does a lovely job showcasing everything we love in our sexy Asian shemales. She’s got the exotic tranny look down pat, from the small petite frame to that surprisingly large and firm Ladyboy cock that’s ready to fuck the instant it comes out! Lets see what Toon has in store for us! 😉


Now Toon turns around to show us a little bit of the backside, this Ladyboy may be petite but she packs a nice shemale booty.


Ladyboy Toon is getting a little horny, you can tell because her cock is already hard before she even pulls her panties off!


Now this is the exotic shemale action I’m talking about, Toon has gotten fully nude and her shemale cock is standing tall and hard for us to see.


I think Ladyboy Toon did I nice job of introducing us to the new site, what do all of you think? 😉

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