Wendy Williams in the dungeon!

Hey everyone,

I’ve got two brand new tranny treats for you all to enjoy today. The first treat, is that today marks the introduction of yet *another* awesome site to the Tranny Seduction Blog’s lineup. This time around, I’ve found another shemale BDSM site for you all to sink your kinky teeth into. As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m a long time fan of the tranny femdom site TS Seduction, but I figured it was time to expand the shemale BDSM section of the blog even further. So, I’m proud to present, Transex Domination, the newest hardcore transexual BDSM site for you to enjoy. Now, as for that second treat that I mentioned. Its actually another first for the Tranny Seductions Blog, as we are proud to present Ms. Wendy Williams, one of the net’s most famous shemale femdoms! Ms. Williams really knows her stuff and definitely deserves all the awards she has won. This is one fine tranny babe who defines what it means to be a shemale dominatrix. I figured pairing these two first together would make for one heck of a post, so lets get to the pics!


Ms. Williams doesn’t disappoint, she shows her reputation is well deserved as she quickly grabs her malebitch and pulls his choker tight!


One of the things that makes this tranny femdom famous, is her big juicy shemale ass, here’s a very nice shot of it.


While hanging from a swing, Ms. Williams forces her malebitch to lick her ass and suck on her tranny balls, I like her style! 😉


This redhead shemale domme definitely knows her way around the dungeon! I think Ms. Williams may be worth some “private” research on my part, lol.

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