TS Viviany Aguilera returns for more action!

Hello shemale lovers!

Who’s ready to spend a little more time checking out the amazing body of that passable tranny Viviany Aguilera? I sure as hell know I am! Apparently a lot of you couldn’t get enough of this smooth and sexy transexual babe, so I’m back with even more content than before! This sexy shemale, from TS Dolls exemplifies just about everything we all love and crave with our hot t-girls. So, since we love her so much, it only makes sense to want to see this tranny doll strip and get a little kinky all over again! Thanks to the Tranny Seductions Blog, you’re going to be treated to just that! 😉

I think a big reason that we’re all so drawn to this blazing hot transexual, has to do not only with the size of her big hard tranny cock, but also with her long flowing natural hair. Hair can really make or break a shemale and I have to say it definitely makes Viviany. Her long natural hair almost acts as a beacon, begging you to come and fuck this gorgeous tranny beauty. Though we may not be able to get our hands all over this tranny’s body, we get the next best thing, a private and very personal tour of every inch of her toned figure! I’ll leave the two of you to yourselves. 😉

See this whole set at TS Dolls!

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