Ladyboy Mint in a Corset and Stockings

Hello world!

This is Phil, once again bringing you the finest trannies the net has to offer! Ladyboy Mint from Long Mint is our shemale hostess for today, so you don’t need to worry about being disappointed, Mint will take care of you 😉 .   This particular set is a very hot one, featuring Ladyboy Mint in a very tight black and pink corset with some matching black stockings, also very tight against her firm tranny skin. Sound like a good time? Well, you can certainly bet it is! Especially since the Ladyboy under the clothes happens to be Mint, a shemale legend in her own right. The thing is, Ladyboy fans, this set almost didn’t make it to the blog! Why in the world would I deny you all a feature of Ladyboy Mint? Well, trust me friends, it certainly wasn’t intentional. If you’ve followed the Tranny Seductions Blog for long, you’ll know that I’ve recently added more sites and videos as well as changed to a completely new theme. During this big transition, a lot of stuff unfortunately got pushed to the side. This hot and sexy shemale set, happened to be one of my little projects that somehow got pushed under the rug. But have no fear, shemale fans, because its back and better than ever. So, I’m proud to present, this long overdue set of Ladyboy Mint!


I love how tight that corset is on Ladyboy Mint’s petite little body, this next shot really shows how well it highlights her tranny ass.


Now that sweet little corset “pops” itself off, revealing those juicy tranny tits we all adore so much!


Now this next shot is pure gold, because even though Ladyboy Mint has shed her corset, she’s still got those sexy stockings on. Not to mention that massive tranny cock of hers!


I sure am glad I stumbled across that set in my archives, it would have been a shame to keep this shemale babe from you all! Wouldn’t you agree? 😉

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