This Ladboy is Straight out of a Fairytale!

Hello everyone!

Have you all heard of the classic fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Well, if you haven’t, you may want to do a little bit of research, it will allow you to enjoy this special shemale post a little bit more! Anyways, now that I’ve got the background information out of the way, its time to reveal who our fairytale Ladyboy actually is; Ladyboy Mint from over at Long Mint! That’s right, Mint’s 9 inch tranny cock is back for more action here at the Tranny Seductions Blog and this time around its a little more special than usual! How could a massive transexual cock get any better you might ask? Well, its all part of the fairytale, so you’ll need to follow along with the pictures to find out and no skipping to the end 😉 Though don’t worry, if you feel compelled to take a quick pick at this sexy Asian shemale, I won’t tell anyone, because I would most certainly do the same! 😀 But now, on to our story, don’t worry its a very condensed very that adds in some very interesting details! We join our Ladyboy Snow White as she ponders what to do that day..


Soon after, shemale Snow White is visited by and old woman who gives her some apples, that are secretly poisoned! What ever shall our Ladyboy do? Play with them in naughty ways of course!


The old woman, secretly a witch, had hoped for our Ladyboy Snow White to eat the apples and fall into an eternal slumber. However, we know that secretly Snow White is a very naughty tranny, who has other plans for the apples.


Our shemale damsel takes the apple and slides into right down over her hard, throbbing, tranny cock! Not exactly what the witch had in mind, but pleasing the rest of us! 😉


So, shemale lovers, what did you think of my version of this classic fairy tale? I sure hope you found it enjoyable, I sure know I had a fun time writing a shemale story!

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