Sexy Ladyboy Roundup! (Roundup 12)

Hey Ladyboy Lovers!

Phil here, back with another Ladyboy Roundup! If you missed the 11th Ladyboy Roundup yesterday, you can check it out right here. As usual, I’ve hand-picked 4 hot and sexy Asian shemales from the galleries of AsianTS. Today’s girls were actually some of the top picks I came across in my searches for the previous roundup girls. So, you should definitely enjoy the transexual feast that I have prepared for you all today! 😉 Asian t-girls are all amazingly hot and sexy, so needless to say, whenever someone gets to hand pick some shemales from the cream of crop, you’re left with some blazing hot trannies. Perhaps thats why these Ladyboy Roundups have been so successful! Speaking of which, as you may know, this is the second to last Ladyboy Roundup, so be sure to take in all the ladies, as there will only be one more roundup coming your way! However, I’ve got something special planned for the last roundup, so it will be a nice send off party! But, that’s then, this is now, so lets enjoys today’s sexy Asian trannies! 🙂

Ladyboy May:


Ladyboy Fern (Nice shemale jack off picture here!):


Ladyboy Kikky:


Ladyboy Fah:


Hope you enjoyed today’s hand-picked shemales! I know I sure did enjoy finding them! Don’t let the fact that this is the second to last Sexy Ladyboy Roundup discourage you from leaving or sending me feedback, you may just influence the final roundup! 😉

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