This Rose has no thorns!

Hey all!

Today I’ve got a Rose for you all, a very pretty Rose that most people would go crazy for! However, this is no garden variety Rose, oh no, this Rose happens to be of the transexual species! 😉 Today’s fine Asian shemale is Ladyboy Rose, who comes from Ladyboy Wank, your premier site for awesome pictures and videos of Ladyboys jacking off! Now, as I said in the title to this post, you needn’t worry about getting pricked by Rose, she won’t bite. However, I guess that’s not entirely true, because she might prick your ass with her big tranny cock, if you are lucky enough 😉 ! I sure know I’d love to get “pricked” by Rose! Rose is starting us off with a nice glimpse of her in her sexy lingerie gown, from the look on her face, this transexual babe looks like she is pretty horny. All the better for us shemale lovers!


Rose can’t resist herself, so her horny levels begin to skyrocket and she pinches her tranny nipples and caresses her big tits with her hands.


Having teases her tits enough, Rose brings out her big tranny cock, you can see its already hard and erect and ready for action!


As she begins to stroke and tease her shemale dick, it turns bright red and gets even rock hard, a sure sign of the tranny cum to follow!


So, having seen Rose, would anyone mind sending me a bunch of Roses? We could enjoy them all together! 😀

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