Ladyboy Mint shower time fun

Ladyboy Mint from Long Mint is back yet again for some even more naughty transexual fun! We here at the Tranny Seductions Blog absolutely love Ms. Mint, not to mention all the positive feedback we get from you all about her! So, naturally, its always a great surprise when we get some hot new stuff from this Ladyboy Queen! Today’s serving of massive tranny cock, involves Ladyboy Mint, a short skirt and a nice hot shower. Sounds pretty much perfect doesn’t it? 😉 If that wasn’t hot enough, Mint is so ready for her hot shower that she can’t even be bothered to completely undress before she jumps in. This results in some very hot shemale wet t-shirt photos that I am just positive that you all will love just as much as I did. We t-shirts are great, but when Ladyboys are the ones wearing them, it just gets all the more hot! So, lets watch Ms. Mint get wet!


Before she takes her top or panties off, Ladyboy Mint is already in the shower, letting the water flow all over her hot shemale body.


After getting herself nice and soaked, Mint decides its time to fully strip. Giving us all a extremely pleasant view of all this Asian shemale has to offer!


After washing off all the soap, Mint reveals her famous nine inch tranny cock, now all nice and squeeky clean and ready for some fucking!


How would you all like to spend a little personal time in the shower with Ladyboy Mint? I sure as heck know that I would, though I doubt I could ever get enough! 😀

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