Foxy Angel rewards her newest boytoy

Hello world,

Phil here, back again with another heaping helping of that legendary tranny Foxy Angel from her site Foxy Angel Shemale Goddess. This time around, we’re watching a very lucky guy get the best reward a tranny could ever offer, a nice hardcore fucking! It doesn’t come free though, tranny Foxy Angel only gives in to her boytoy’s request after he gives her flowers and some very expensive chocolates. Now, Valentine’s Day may have long since past, but Foxy Angel is known for her love of being showered with gifts, especially when they come from her horny boytoys. So, in a surprising act of benevolence, our shemale babe Foxy actually decides to give him exactly what he wants. Except, there is a slight twist, instead of doing the fucking, he’s going to get fucked! You didn’t think a transexual goddess as hot as Foxy would let a guy fuck her just for some flowers did you? You can just see it in this tranny’s eyes that she has something planned from the very start..


Foxy strips down and has her boytoy do the same, after getting nude, she doesn’t give him a chance to admire her transexual body, she just makes him begin to suck her shemale cock!


Foxy really takes it to the next level, by giving him the fucking he so desired, the spots are just switched, tranny style! 😉


After a nice long and hardcore tranny ass fucking, Foxy Angel prepares to blow her load all over her boytoy’s face!


Some tranny babes come and go, but Foxy Angel is known for always delivering quality content. Sets like this are proof that she is still a shemale goddess!

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