Vintage Foxy Angel!

Hey all!

I’ve got something special lined up for everyone today, especially if your a big fan of Foxy Angel Shemale Goddess! Through a little bit of maneuvering, I was able to obtain some vintage pictures of Ms. Angel herself. Foxy Angel is just one of those tranny babes who as ALWAYS been smoking hot it seems! 😉 If your a big fan of Foxy Angel or just love yourself an extremely hot tranny, I’m sure you’ll find these pictures from the archives quite to your liking. One thing that didn’t seem to change with Ms. Angel, is that she always seems to love to dress herself up in some blazing hot outfits. Well, you’ll find this set is no exception. Ms. Angel is donning a nice exotic dancing outfit, that most *definitely* highlights all of her special places, if you get my drift! 😉 On to the pictures!


Now that Foxy has stripped off her undergarments, the outfit is several times more hot! I think you’ll agree that Foxy, as always, is packing a very nice tranny cock!


The top comes off next, as this sexy shemales strikes a pose for you all! Foxy really does know how to work the camera, check out that fine t-girl ass!


Mmm, talk about sexy. This next photo, shows you a lot, but hides enough just to leave you wanting more! I love the way Foxy looks so damn hot as she wraps her fingers around her shemale cock!


Well shemale lovers, I think that goes to show you, that not only is Foxy Angel an amazingly hot shemale now, she has *always* been blazin’ hot!

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