Sexy Ladyboy Roundup! (Roundup 7)

Hey Everyone!

Today marks the 7th volume of the official Tranny Seduction’s Blog’s Ladyboy Roundup courtesy of those fine Asian shemales over at AsianTS. If you’ve been following the Ladyboy Roundups, you’ll know that I generally feature 4 exotic shemales per Roundup. Well, today is no different, in that I’ve got 4 hot photos for you all to enjoy. However, something *is* a little different. I may have 4 pictures, but I’ve got 5 shemales for you! What does that mean? Well, I think your dirty mind probably already knows exactly what that means. So, while you think about it, I think I’ll start be introducing our first three Ladyboy sluts!

Ladyboy Tongchai:


Ladyboy Tee Tee:


Ladyboy Cee:


Now, for the last two Ladyboys, both in one sexy picture! You guessed it, its the lovable and oh so fuckable lesbian shemale duo Ladyboy Ming and Ladyboy Om!:


Hope you all enjoyed that little surprise ending to the 7th Ladyboy Roundup! 😉 Be sure to keeping check back for even more surprises here at the blog!

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