Danielle Foxxx bending Jim to her will

Hey all,

Today’s been a little bit of a rough day for your old pal Phil here, but I’m not going to go much into the details about that. We all have rough days from time to time, and I’ve found a good way to turn those rough days around, is with a little bit of rough tranny sex! 😉 Needless to say, when shemale BDSM is on the mind, there’s no better place to turn for what we love than TS Seduction. So, for today, the Tranny Seductions blog is going to do just that! This time around we’re watching Danielle Foxxx take the helm, as she manipulates and fucks another unsuspecting malebitch. Like a true tranny dominatrix, Danielle makes her male slave act like a dog. Ms. Foxxx, however, unlike most tranny dommes, actually takes this quite literally!


What led to Danielle pulling her malebitch to the ground like a dirty little dog? Well, we’re actually going to backtrack just a few minutes in this next picture. To the moment where Jim got a little rebellious and Ms. Foxxx was forced to turn her domination up to the next level.


Now, back to the present, Danielle has decided to let het her sexual cravings take control, so she begins to savagely skull-fuck Jim like theres no tommorow. I love a good shemale skull-fuck!


Though I do enjoy a watch a big shemale cock sliding in and out of an unwilling male slave’s mouth, there’s nothing like a good ole fashioned tranny ass-fucking to end a BDSM session. Ms. Foxxx, as always, does not disappoint.


Hmm, well, I can definitely say I’m feeling better already! 😀 Leave it to those fine people at TS Seduction to turn a bad day around.

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