Well-hung Ladyboy Rin

Hello Ladyboy fanatics!

I’ve got another gorgeous Asian Shemale for you today, her name is Rin and she’s one of over 1000 Ladyboys at AsianTS. The first thing I noticed about Rin when I saw the first picture below, was that it looked like she might have had a small dick. Which, is ok, because a chick with a small dick is better than any without 😉 ! But as we all know, bigger tranny cocks are normally just a little bit more fun, lol! Well, I have to say, your buddy Phil here was dead wrong. As Rin slowly and sensually stripped off her bikini in the most sexy of ways.. I was surprised to say the least! Lets see whether or not Ladyboy Rin can surprise (and impress) you too!


Rin, must like to tease, because rather than just get nude for us, she decides to slowly slip off her tiny bikini. Which gives us a nice view of her perky shemale breasts in this photo.


Well, I’m certainly right about one thing, Rin loves to tease! Of course teasing just makes the final product all the more enjoyable, especially when it comes to transexuals.


Last, but *definitely* not least, the money shot I promised you in the beginning! I don’t know about you, but I was pretty amazed by Rin’s big tranny cock!


I guess Rin is just a classic example of not judging a book by its cover, or rather, in this case, don’t judge a ladyboy by her bikini bottom! 😀

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