Mistress Soleli pounding Stefano


That hot and demanding shemale femdom from TS Seduction, Mistress Soleli is back for more action today. This time around her unfortunate victim is Stefano, a hotel patron who was foolish enough to leave his door unlocked with a crafty tranny dominatrix in the vicinity. While Stefano sleeps peacefully, Mistress Soleli slowly sneaks in his room and makes the necessary preparations for the domination about to take place. One thing I’ve really noticed about the tranny femdoms from TS Seduction is that when they decide they want a man, they a get a man, regardless of the time or place. Stefano just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time..


After sneaking in and waking her newest victim, shemale Mistress Soleli briefly pulls Stefano out of bed and begins to fuck his face.


While giving him a good skull fucking, Stefano starts to struggle against his shemale femdom. To prevent this, Mistress Soleli knocks him back into bed and binds his arms with rope, using the speed of a well-seasoned shemale domme.


Stefano is one strong fellow though and he manages to break free of his bondage. However, Mistress Soleli matches his strength with her speed and uses the moment to slam her tranny cock into his ass. Though reluctant at first, Stefano slowly submits to the pain and pleasure.


Leave it to a tranny femdom as skilled as Mistress Soleli to turn even the most reluctant of men into a submissive malebitch begging for more!

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