Jessica Host fucks Pancho Santos in the ass

Heya everyone,

Jessica Host, the indomitable tranny femdom from over at TS Seduction is our shemale for the day, with Pancho Santos serving as her unwilling little malebitch. Jessica starts off this tranny fuck-fest surprisingly slow, which concerned me at first (I normally don’t except soft-core from her!), however, she more than makes up for the slow start. In retrospect, she probably started off nice and easy, to lure Pancho into his comfort zone, so that when she did pounce, it would be completely unexpected. This is one shemale dominatrix who knows just how to pull the strings, because her plan worked out perfectly. Pancho quickly lets down his guard and Jessica takes quick advantage of that by assuming her role has his new surprise shemale femdom.


After Pancho lovingly sucked on her shemale tits, Jessica lunged into action, forcing his face deep into her hot ass.


Pancho can’t help but be sucked into the allure of his new tranny mistress, she rewards his obedience with an opportunity to suck her big shemale cock!


As payment for be allowed to suck her tranny cock, Jessica forces Pancho to the floor and begins to savagely fuck his virgin ass transexual style!


A love watching a hot shemale femdom weave her web of deception, then fuck her slave’s brains out! Sadly for me I’ve yet to get stuck in such a web, but I’ll keep hoping 😉 .

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