Jesse asserting her authority!

We’ve got another one of those hardcore tranny femdoms from TS Seduction lined up for you today. This time, our shemale dominatrix is Jesse and her miserable little malebitch is Jason Miller. Poor poor Jason, he has went and got himself in a lot of trouble, as Jesse’s dungeon is the last place anyone would want to be (except us, am I right? 😉 ) Whatever it was that Jason did to end up here, shemale femdom Jesse doesn’t seem to be too pleased with him. And we all know what that means, its time for some brutal humiliation and shemale fucking! As if this scenario needed to be any hotter, Jesse is donning a tight latex suit, which shows off her massive shemale tits very nicely. Looks like the fun is about to begin as Jesse squeezes her bound slave’s trembling ass.


Jason quickly submits to our sultry female femdom and she has him sucking on her tits as she slowly jacks off her throbbing tranny cock.


Even though Jesse enjoys jacking herself off, she can do that anytime. So she uses Jason to indulge in her personal pleasure of having her big shemale cock sucked off.


Now Jesse takes things to the next level, having gotten such things as a simple forced blowjob out of the way. She forces Jason down and begins to ass fuck him, but the catch shemale lovers, is that Jason is also being gagged by a massive machine-mounted dildo!


Nothing like a little bit of machine-bdsm to intensify an already hot and dirty tranny dungeon session! Jesse has got to be one of my favorite ts dommes out there.

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