TS Domme Jesse proving her worth

Hey everybody!

Well, today is the last day of our TS Seduction mini-marathon. Part 4 of 4 brings us the lustful pleasure of the shemale dominatrix Jesse. We find her in the dungeon (her most favorite place) belittling and fucking her newest male slave, Anthony. Jesse rounds out our little marathon, but last is definitely not least! So once your done here, be sure to check out TS Seduction for all the shoots of Jesse (and other shemales) you will ever desire. Jesse starts off this fuck fest with some leather boots and a skirt, but trust me, you don’t have to worry about those staying on her for long ;-). Jesse loves to get her cock sucked, so she has her slave start off by doing just exactly that. You can really see how much she loves it by the sexy/devious look on her face.


Now things get interesting, our shemale femdom binds her slave to the floor with rope, the proceeds to ass fuck him tranny style. The uniqueness of this ass fucking though, is that she actually ass fucks him from above!


Some things are definately worth taking a closer look at, and I think this awesome example of pure tranny assfucking definately is one of those things! You can see that Jesse even took the time to tie Jason’s balls, proving what a viscous tranny femdom she truly is.


After getting her fill of some awesome shemale fucking, our tranny domme unties her malebitch, but don’t think she’s going soft! Nope! Its only so she can get a better angel to blow her load all over his face!


Jesse is one of those shemales that I’d give my right arm to be dominated by. She really varies that way she goes about forcing her slaves into submission. While all the while, maintaining that strict shemale femdom demeanor that we all know and love.

Well tranny lovers, that concludes our mini-marathon, but the fun definitely isn’t over. Keep your eye on Tranny Seductions for even more fun, and check out TS Seduction for an endless supply of hardcore shemale bdsm.

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