TS Domme Foxy dominates Lobo

Hello everyone,

We’ve got another round of hardcore tranny domination lined up today, so be sure take a second to unwind and enjoy it! Our seductive shemale femdom is Foxy, one of the many strict and unforgiving shemale dominatrices over at TS Seduction. So if you like what you see here and want even more, I’d definitely recommend checking them out when your done! Of course, while we do love our shemale femdoms, they wouldn’t be nearly as fun if they didn’t have a reluctant little malebitch to go along with them. Its not that we’re necessarily interested in what their male slaves have to say, no, we just want to watch them suffer at the hands of a brutal shemale femdom! Good thing for us Foxy fits the bill quite nicely, with her tight leather outfit and tall leather boots. She is even toting a crop, which her malebitch, Lobo, quickly finds himself on the receiving end of. Some guys get all the luck!


After cropping Lobo to ensure his strictest obedience, our shemale femdom Foxy orders him to suck off her huge tranny cock.


A tranny femdom is nothing without her ass fucking session, so naturally, Foxy delivers by shoving her cock deep into Lobo’s trembling ass, as we see here in this nice close up shot of the action.


Foxy really begins to fuck Lobo’s ass hard, try as he might, he won’t get free, as our devious shemale femdom has tied his sorry ass up!


Some tranny dungeon shoots can be a little too softcore for my taste, but Foxy is one shemale who definitely delivers all the hardcore action we could ever want, what do you think? If you can’t get enough of the hardcore shemale female action, then boy do I have site for you!

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