Mistress Soleli subdues and fucks Kriss

Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all in the mood for some wicked transexual bdsm, with the shemale in charge! Over the next couple of days, I’m going to be featuring some totally hot and dirty sets from the ultimate tranny femdom site, TS Seduction. The first of which, stars the devious tranny femdom, Mistress Soleli, who has earned the title of Mistress in every way imaginable. Mistress Soleli is a fine ebony shemale who takes her place as a tranny dominatrix very seriously. This is something I really get behind, because I love to see a completely devoted shemale femdom, not some cheap imitation act. You don’t have to worry about that her at Tranny Seductions though, I make sure to root out all the “time wasters”. But enough about that, lets get to the transexual dungeon action; we join our shemale femdom as she humiliates and dominates her newest malebitch, Kriss.


Taking off her tight corset and panties, Mistress Soleli shows her male slave the huge tranny cock waiting for him.


Our shemale femdom knows she needs to prep her slave’s ass for the fucking its about to receive, so she takes care of it by fisting his ass while choking him into submission.


Having stretched his tight ass to its limits, our tranny dominatrix bends her shackled slave over and fucks his ass to her heart’s content.


If you had any doubt in your mind about Mistress Soleli, I’m going to presume that these shots cleared those doubts away ;-). She is one fine ebony shemale who definitely knows her way around the dungeon. Stay tuned tranny lovers, as tomorrow we meet the another fine shemale femdom in part 2 of our TS Seduction mini-marathon!

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