Ladyboy Soda right after a swim!

Hey all!

Ladyboy Soda (cool name huh?) is our Ladyboy for the day! She is one of the sexy Ladyboys over at Ladyboy Juice, a Ladyboy site definitely worth checking out if you love those Asian shemales (and who in their right mind doesn’t!). This photo shoot is a little candid and carefree, which makes it even more hot and sexy in my book. We caught Ladyboy Soda after she took a cool dip in a natural spring. The cool water running over her firm and toned shemale body is orgasmic in itself, but on top of it, we get to watch her dry herself off. Its almost like we’ve got a private little window into a sexy Asian shemale’s world! Here, Soda has just taken a drink after her swim, and is still dripping wet from hand to toe.


Ladyboy Soda stands up to see where she left her towel in her pre-swim excitement, this gives us a *very* nice view of her nice tranny body.


Once Soda has got her towel, she starts to dry off with it, she bends over to dry off her legs and really gives us a prime view of that tight shemale ass.


After drying off her body, Ladyboy Soda starts to work on her hair, naturally we took advantage of the oportunity to get nice and close. This allows us to really take a nice look at her perky tits and tranny cock.


Leave it to a sexy Ladyboy to make something as simple as drying off 100% sexy!

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