Ladyboy Nina takes off her Bikini

Hey my fellow tranny-obsessed friends!

Today we’ve got an exotic shemale lined up for your viewing pleasure. Her name is Nina, and she heralds from the gorgeous province of Phuket in Thailand. We were lucky enough to find her thanks to that awesome ladyboy site, Asian TS, which continues to be one of the net’s largest and most premier sites for pure ladyboy action. In regards to Nina, while Phuket may be known for its natural beauty, I can tell you that it has got nothing on Ladyboy Nina. This shemale really packs a punch, from her gorgeous long hair and nicely tanned skin, she really can’t be beat! Especially when she is in a horny mood and in a tiny bikini, which it just so happens is exactly what’s going on with her right now! 😀


After having her fun in the sun at the beach, Ladyboy Nina moves back into the more secluded bushes and begins to slide off that tight little bikini.


In the process of stripping, Ladyboy Nina gives into her horny desires and slides her hands down to her hardening tranny cock.


As she beings to slide her fingers up and down the shaft of her tranny cock more rapidly, she gets even more and more aroused. Eventually, her cock bright red from the orgasm building within it, Ladyboy Nina prepares herself to cum!


Phew! That is one hot asian shemale, I think we’re going to have to call a break for the moment everyone! I hope you enjoyed Ladyboy Nina having fun by the beach, if you did, then I’m sure you’ll definitely want to the rest of this shoot as well as lots of other shoots with Ladyboy Nina! I just happen to know where you can find it..

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