Gia Darling in action again!


As part 3 of 4 in our TS Seduction mini-marathon, Gia Darling is back for a second round! That’s right, I didn’t feel one most was adequate for this rocking shemale femdom. Based on some of the messages I got, it really seems like you all felt the same way! So, not one to disappoint, Tranny Seductions is proud to re-introduce Ms. Gia Darling, one of the hottest tranny dommes at the web’s premier transexual bdsm site, TS Seduction. Today, our feisty tranny femdom is out and about posing as a sexy bartender and looking for her next unsuspecting male sex-victim. She finds just what she is looking for in a pool hall as the night winds down. One of the patrons decides to hang around to try to get himself some action, unfortunately for Jason, he gets exactly what he wants, just not in the way he had planned. As before he can take charge, Gia Darling has his hands behind his back and bound with rope.


With his hands bound, Jason can’t do much in the way of “getting some action” but luckily for him Gia Darling pulls his cock out and begins to jack him off.


Jacking him off was just a distraction to get his guard down even further though, for as soon as he begins to relax Gia throws him onto the pool table and begins to skull fuck him with her massive tranny cock.


Jason almost gagging on the massive tranny cock bearing down on him, begs for mercy, Gia Darling gives him something, but its most certainly not mercy! Before he knows it, she’s bound his legs in rope as well! Which is soon followed by her tranny dick forcing its way into his tight ass.


Poor Jason should have known who he was messing with, it might have saved him a lot of pain and humiliation! Of course, I don’t know about you, but I’d just love to get the chance to be dominated by Ms. Darling.

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