Gia Darling abusing her slave

Gia Darling is in a bad mood.

Normally when someone is in a bad mood, it can’t mean anything good is going to happen. However, when one of the shemales at TS Seduction like Gia Darling gets mad, something very good happens for us 😉 . What happens, you may ask? Well, when Ms. Gia Darling gets mad, she takes out her frustration on one of her poor male slaves. Gia Darling is a well known and particularly savage shemale femdom, who you definitely don’t want to be caught alone with when she has a temper (or maybe we do! 😀 ). Regardless, her slave Wild Bill, was cleaning the floors of a scummy bathroom just like he had been ordered, when suddenly Gia busts in, ready for some action. Bill, already bound and helpless, cowers as the site of his mistress and knows that he is going to have to endure some hardcore tranny bdsm.


After getting her tight latex dress off, Gia ties Bill up with rope to ensure that he doesn’t try to escape her shemale wrath.


With Bill’s arms and hands still bound, Gia Darling grabs his head and begins to skull fuck him with surprsing force!


After getting her fill of Bill’s mouth, Gia unties him and slams him down on a dirty sink, then begins to give him a tranny ass fucking he will NEVER forget.


Nothing like a down and dirty hardcore shemale fuck, I do say. Its even better when there is a helpless malebitch involved, some guys get all the luck!

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