Foxy Angel giving an oily massage

Hi all,

Its always fun to relax by the pool, to take a nice dip once your nice and warm from the sun. Its refreshing, relaxing and just really enjoyable, but I’m sure you all know this. Now, when we take something as good as a day by the pool, and add in a hot shemale, things get even better. Now, take that mental image of a hot sexy shemale relaxing by the pool, and give her a boy toy to have her way with. Getting hot? Well, I hope so, but guess what, I’m not done yet. Take that same shemale with her hot body and her obedient little boy toy, and cover her with warm shiny massage oil. Sound good? Great! Because that’s exactly what we’ve got today, the hot sexy shemale Foxy Angel giving her little “toy” a massage by the pool. But don’t think Foxy is just doing this to give him pleasure, oh no, she is getting plenty of enjoyment out of it as well. As always, the hot and oily shemale babe Foxy can be found at her site, Foxy Angel Shemale Goddess. With hot and sexy sets like this, its no wonder they call her a Goddess!


After getting herself nice and horny, our shemale hostess Foxy Angel begins to pour the massage oil on her waiting little sex toy.


As Foxy slides her hands over his muscular body, her big tranny cock begins to grow and throb.


Eventually Foxy gets bored with just rubbing her boy toy, so she begins to slap her hard, oily, tranny cock against his bringing herself closer and closer to an explosive orgasm.


I don’t know about you all, but I would absolutely love to be in that guys place. The idea of a hot shemale rubbing her hands all over my body and treating me like her little slave.. well it makes me want to cum just thinking about it 😉

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