Extremely Hot Ladyboy Cop

Hey people,

Can you guess who this hot officer is? I’ll give you a hint, she spends most of her time in the spotlight over at Long Mint (an awesome Asian shemale site!). She is also known for her massive 9 inch cock, as well as being one of the hottest Ladyboys on the net.

Know who she is yet?
That’s Right! You guessed it, this hot shemale cop is none other than Ladyboy Mint herself! I have to say, I normally don’t look forward to meeting a with a police officer, but this is one cop who you’d have to put me in handcuffs just to keep me away from! 😉 Ladyboy Mint looks pretty damn fine in that uniform if I do say so myself!


As much as I love her in her uniform, I’m going to have to say that I love her even more without it. Ladyboy Mint sure has the physique to be a police officer, don’t you agree?


Now we’re getting some serious action folks! I guess rubbing that night stick on her big tranny cock made Mint a little bit horny, because now she’s sliding off her top and showing us her perky ladyboy tits.


Wow! Looks like I compeltely underestimated just how Horny Mint was! Not only did she strip and begin to jack off her massive tranny cock, she shoved her night stick in her ass! Damn! Now I’m the horny one!


I think the only thing that could make that picture any better, was if your cock was in her ass instead of that night stick? What do you think about that one? 😀

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