Exotic black-haired Ladyboy

Hey everyone,

Today we’re going to indulge ourselves in the tempting tastes of an exotic Asian shemale, Mint is her name, and she heralds from that ladyboy site we all know and love, AsianTS. Before we jump right into the pictures of our lovely ladyboy goddess, let me take the time to describe her for you first! Mint, as you know from this post’s title, has some gorgeous all natural black hair, just like I like to see on a hot Asian shemale. What separates Mint from the pack though, is that while she maintains that petite frame so true to the sexiest ladyboys, she also packs a pair of massive tits we’d expect from a more full bodied babe. This is of course, not a bad thing :-D! Now, couple those things we a nice looking body and a sexy outfit to boot, and you’ve our ladyboy for the the day: Mint!


Don’t get me wrong, Mint looks mighty fine in those tiny jean shorts and that black lace top, but I think she looks even better in just her panties.


After stripping down to just her panties in true ladyboy fashion, our sexy shemale stands up and slowly slides her panties off, revealing her big tranny cock in its entirety.


Naturally, any time an Asian shemale as hot as Mint strips down, jacking off is soon to follow. As we can see, Mint doesn’t want to disappoint us, she does just that. Jerking her hand up and down around her dick while rubbing her own hardened nipple.


For me, its pretty much impossible to decide which type of shemale I like best. But with Ladyboys out there like Mint, I can tell you that I definitely love my Asian shemales! Especially ones that fit all those nice tranny features into one sexy package.

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