Carmen Cruz dominating in the locker room

Hey people,

Carmen Cruz, that devious tranny femdom from TS Seduction is the focus of our attention today. We join her as she is having some fun in the locker room. But don’t you think for one second that this shemale dominatrix is alone, oh no, she is accompanied by her newest malebitch Lobo. If you didn’t already know, Carmen Cruz is known for being extremely crafty and pretty much down right evil (but a very very good evil 😉 )! So after a hard day of working, an unsuspecting Lobo goes to the locker room for a shower, however, he finds something he wasn’t expecting. Hot tranny femdom Carmen Cruz closes and locks the door behind him! Carmen had been waiting for him and as Lobo tries to figure out what to do, the shemale before him begins to slowly slide off the bottom of her bikini.


After Carmen takes off her bikini, she puts Lobo under her classic tranny spell and before he knows whats happening, he is down on his knees sucking her shemale cock as hard as he possibly can.


Our shemale femdom isn’t satisfied with his performance though, so she pins him to the ground and begins to slap her big tranny cock against his face as a form of humiliating punishment.


Despite that fact the Carmen was enjoying humiliating Lobo, she sees this as a good opportunity to really take things to the next level of domination. So, using her quick reflexes, Carmen Cruz slides her tranny cock into Lobo’s ass before he even knows what hit him!


These unexpected shemale rapes are some of the best I’ve found. Carmen Cruz really knows her stuff and I’d just love to find myself in a room with that shemale!

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