La Cherry Spice has her way with Jason Miller


Today we are delving into the wicked world of TS Seduction, the hotest site on the web for shemale dominatrix action. Our sultry femdom for the day is La Cherry Spice, a shemale who takes who role very seriously and gives no mercy regardless of how much her malebitch begs for it. Her little man slave for today is Jason Miller, a poor soul who got himself in a little too deep and couldn’t anticipate just how commanding La Cherry Spice actually is. Bad for him, good for us, as it allows us to watch a shemale dominatrix, a drop dead gorgeous one at that, play with her malebitch like a little toy.


After getting her little toy warmed up, our shemale femdom quickly strips her malebitch and gets right to business by ass fucking him.


La Cherry Spice really goes to town on Jason’s ass, she keeps on pounding it with her tranny cock long after he begs her to stop.


After getting her fill of his tight ass, our shemale femdom shoves her cock deep into his throat and begins to skull fuck her slave.


There really is no better thing that watching a shemale femdom completely and utterly dominate her helpless male slave, especially when its a shemale femdom as hot as La Cherry Spice.

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