Foxy locks her sub in a cage

Hey everyone!

Foxy Angel is our shemale dominatrix for today, giving us a glimpse into all the hardcore shemale action you can find at her site, Foxy Angel Wholesale Jerseys Shemale Goddess. Today Foxy Angel does cheap oakleys sunglasses a little bit more than just fuck her male slave, she actually locks him in a cage and forces him to beg to be free. Then, if that wasn’t enough, she humiliates him, then after all that fucks him in a true tranny femdom style. Foxy Angel is a veteran when it comes to being a shemale dominatrix and with shots like these she definitely proves it. Before the domination really begins, Foxy forces her slave to suck her throbbing tranny cock.


After getting her tranny cock sucked for awhile, Foxy Angel forces her unwilling malebitch into his little cheap nhl jerseys cage.


After enough begging, her slave gets lucky and Foxy lets him out, but only after forcing him to crawl, just like a dog.


Satisfied with her malebitch’s level oakley outlet of humiliation, Foxy forces him down onto the top of the cage and begins to fuck him as only 17:46:11 a shemale femdom can.

<img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-262" title="pic121" src="×300.jpg" alt="pic121" width="200" height="300" srcset="×300.jpg 200w,×599.jpg 399w, 466w" sizes="(max-width: wholesale Jerseys 200px) 100vw, 200px” />

There’s nothing like a good ole session of complete male domination at the hands of a sultry shemale dominatrix, don’t you all agree?

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