Foxy Angel in a tight leather skirt

Hey everyone,

How is everyone doing today? Good I hope and if not, I’m sure you will be after you take a look at today’s smoking hot shemale. That’s right, none other than Foxy Angel herself, coming straight from her awesome website Foxy Angel Shemale Goddess. If you haven’t been to her site before, you definitely need to check it out, there’s all sort of awesome content. Today, our shemale goddess is wearing a nice and revealing leather outfit complete with a tight little leather skirt and even tighter red stockings. The outfit really accents her shemale body in the right ways, even letting her big tranny cock peak out a little bit from underneath her skirt.


Foxy Angel takes her top off in short order, letting her perky tits get some fresh air, then begins to play with her huge tranny cock.


After teasing her nice tranny cock for a little while, Foxy slides her skirt off and bends over to show us her nice shemale ass.


Now that she’s got both herself and all us warmed up, Foxy gets down to business and begins to jerk off her fine tranny dick.


Foxy Angel really knows how to please, which is probably why they call her a shemale goddess after all! 😉

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